Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Join the Clean Plate Club with Cesar Savory Delights

Who needs a dishwasher when your pup is a member
of the clean plate club, like Rocco! ha!
Is your dog a member of the clean plate club?

Rocco recently got the chance to sample and give his honest opinion of two new Cesar Savory Delights flavors -- Angus Beef Flavor with Bacon & Cheese in meaty juices and Pork Tenderloin Flavor With Roasted Potatoes & Green Beans in meaty juices.

As you can see from his photo at right, Rocco answered the challenge by licking both the plate and his face lip-smacking clean!

Rocco: "Nomilicious! I can't decide which flavor I like better."

Me: "What's cool is that Cesar turned to the experts --  dogs and their owners -- on its search for the two new flavors to add to the Savory Delights canine cuisine line. The Angus Beef and Pork Tenderloin flavors were the clear favorites and I'd say Rocco agrees!"

Rocco: "I think we need to show more photos of my clean plate technique. (That means more noms for me!) Hee hee!"

Rocco: "Here's how you do it. Start at the center....

Rocco: "Then work your way around the outside...

Rocco: "Make sure to lick the corners clean. Lots of angles on this fancy plate!"

Rocco: "Oopsy! Don't miss any crumbs!"

Rocco: "Then lick your face clean and repeat! hee hee!"

Cesar Savory Delights now come in seven flavors so your pup never has to be bored at mealtime. The 3.5-ounce containers are easy to open with a peel-away top and their size makes them perfect for a small-dog meal or a savory topper on your pup's regular kibble.

Win this prize pack from Cesar! (dog not included)
Win Cesar Savory Delights!
There's still time left to enter our giveaway to win your own Cesar Savory Delights gift pack, filled with the new flavors and some extra goodies too!

Enter on our giveaway post via Rafflecopter. But don't wait, the giveaway closes Friday, August 2 at 12 a.m. ET (that's really just lateish this Thursday night for the time zone challenged.)

Good luck and good noms!

Disclosure: Cesar Canine Cuisine brand provided us with a gift basket to review and one to give away, however the brand is not a sponsor of the giveaway. While we were compensated for this program/post, all views expressed herein are entirely our own.


  1. Brother Ku says: those look wumwumyumyum! Woooowoooooo! (www.haikubyku.com)

  2. Gizmo sez that Pork Tenderloin still sounds pretty darn good so we tweeted again :)

  3. I am literally drooling! Thanks a lot, I think! Love Dolly

  4. We have no problem joining that club
    Benny & Lily