Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Purina Busy Chewbone Treat Giveaway

Rocco's been busy deciding which of the new Purina Busy Treats to try first! Take a look at what he chose, and then read all the way down to find out how you can win a whole selection of Busy Treats and Chews for your own pup.

Rocco Havanese Purina Busy Treats

With all types of chews in a variety of sizes, shapes and flavors, it was enough to make a young dog lay his head down and say, "just open one of them already and let me at it!"

Rocco Havanese Purina

Rocco started off with a Busy Bone Tiny, made with real meat in the middle, perfect for a little mid-day snack!

Nom, Nom, Nom! Rocco thoroughly enjoyed his chew and is ready to try to the rest of the assortment.

Rocco says, "What's next?"

The entire line of Busy Treats include plenty of choices to keep your pup busy and entertained for a long, long time! Rocco also likes the Rollhide, made with real beefhide wrapped around a savory center and the Chewnola with three tasty layers of goodness.

Rocco gives Purina Busy Treats a high five!
I like all of them because they keep Rocco busy, and away from my shoes. Yes, Rocco does like to carry my shoes around but thankfully he doesn't chew them.  I chalk that up to having a good supply of tasty chews on hand at all times to keep his chompers busy!

Find out where to get your own Busy Treats here and then enter our Purina Busy Treats giveaway!
Win a Purina Busy Treats Prize Pack! Dog not included.

Win some Purina Busy Treats

Enter via Rafflecopter to win a Prize Pack of Purina Busy Treats like the ones we have pictured here.

U.S. entries only. Giveaway runs through August 21 at 12 a.m. ET.

Good luck!

Disclosure: Purina provided us with the prize pack to review and give away. All opinions expressed herein are our own.

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  1. Exclude us. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Rocco's facial expression in the last photo is so precious! What a cutie!

  3. Oh we love the busy bones!! We went through a carpet chewing phase for a while!

    1. Ohh, carpet chewing! We haven't experienced that yet! Good luck!
      Your pals,
      Diane and Rocco

  4. No, both are pretty good about that

  5. Rocco you are so cute and clever! I can't wait to see you on Sunday! Those chews sure do look yummy! Love Dolly

  6. It's not so much chewing but eating. Bentley has a tendency to eat goose poop outside.

  7. Frankie is 11 now, but as a puppy he NEVER chewed anything but his toys. He has been a great dog and I will miss him dearly when he is gone

  8. We have had busy treats a few times. We like them but my sister snarfs them down in about two seconds no matter how big they are. I can't imagine your luck having so many to choose from!

  9. My Cairns are very well-behaved pooches...well, at least when it comes to chewing. My girl, Hattie Mae, does like to lick her toys until they are all slimy and slippery. That's pretty gross, but it puts her OCD at ease.

  10. Oh man Rocco! Luna wouldn't be able to choose! You are such a lucky dog to get to try all the different varieties! Luna loves to chew. She chews everything!! She loves cardboard, newspaper, her toys, and her treats.

  11. Batman have chewed our backyard chairs and actually if he can chew something he would...we have to buy a lot of bones and toys because he get bored of them pretty easily :(

  12. Hendrix, our black lab, likes socks. After running about like a show horse for half an hour with it, he will then chew it. He keeps all of his socks and plays with each one, so we made him a Socktopus!

  13. My dog Kota will chew on anything. He's ruined my boyfriends false teeth and opened a drawer and ate a bunch of cough drops! My dog Kita likes money! She got a hold of 100 dollars worth of bills once and we found some in the back yard after she was done out there! They keep me on my toes.

  14. Dakota's Favorite treat!!! Good luck everyone. thanks for giving us the chance to win this for our fur babies.

  15. Maya & Pierson are good about only chewing on things they are allowed to. They love their Jones Nature Chews and they love all their toys. These treats look like great stuff to chew on too!

  16. Cheyenne doesn't really chew anything. Shiloh sticks to approved chews and toys. Even as a puppy he only chewed a piece of furniture once. I don't know if I was lucky, or just very prepared in terms of keeping a close eye and him and providing lots of "good" things to chew...

  17. My dog love to chew on his squeaky toys and his duraball.

  18. My oldest used to chew on cords, and youngest used to chew on shoes, but they've gotten over it. They still get into things though haha.

  19. When we first got Ella she chewed up a few things she shouldn't have like a pen, a tape dispenser, and the handle on the recliner. But she sticks to her chews and toys now : )

  20. Heather Hayes PanjonAugust 14, 2013 at 7:42 PM

    My Dogs Love Chewing On Their Toys And Bones, Sometimes My Little Rascal Will Chew On Things Like Shoes!