Thursday, September 19, 2013

Why Rocco Needs a Pet-Sitting Staff

Rocco and I on a recent adventure!
Why, you might wonder, does Rocco need a pet-sitting staff when he is such a great traveler and adventurer?

Even though we love doing things and going places together, there are some times when traveling with your dog just isn't the right thing to do... business trips, for example. Not everyone is keen on having my wonderful pup show up at a meeting (hard to believe, I know!)

So why does he need an entire STAFF, you ask?

There's nothing worse than getting caught in a situation when you have to travel and all your trusted pet sitters aren't available. Trust me, even with the wonderful staff we've already assembled, it's happened to me.

Too bad Rocco can't always come along
That's why I started checking out, a pet-sitting community that connects dog owners with sitters for in-home dog stays. I was looking for a pet-sitter who would be convenient, trustworthy and would watch Rocco in their own home.  I like the idea of that personalized attention and I think Rocco is happiest in a home environment too.

So I did a quick search to see what I would find and I found a few pet sitters who were located close to me. A few looked like good prospects to add to our "staff" with lots of positive reviews and extra credentials like certifications in dog first aid and CPR and access to round-the-clock veterinary assistance.

And then lo and behold, as the pet-sitting gods would have it, I received an opportunity to join the ambassador program and help spread the word about their pet-sitting services. So I looked a little deeper.

I learned some more cool things about like...

  • is the largest online dog care community in the country with thousands of hand-selected and insured dog sitters
  • Rover offers 24/7 vet advice through their Ask-A-Vet service
  • They also provide photo and video updates (something I LOVE to see when I'm on the road without Rocco)
  • 95 percent of Rover sitters are rated 5-stars by fellow members -- their highest rating
In the next few weeks I'll be sharing more of my own experiences with Next week, we have our first Meet and Greet. That's where Rocco and I will meet the sitter I selected from our Rover search. We'll go to her house so we can see how Rocco fits in and I can ask more questions and see if it's the right fit for us.

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Here's a way to learn even more about Rover and get answers to your questions! On Thursday, October 3 join the #RoverChat on Twitter from 9-10 EST and follow @RoverDotCom. Hope to see you there!

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