Thursday, October 23, 2014

Take a Walk, Help a Rescue with ResQwalk Mobile App

I was recently introduced to the ResQwalk, a mobile app that allows animals lovers to raise money for rescue groups just by walking… and now I'm addicted to it!

I will say, if you're going to have an addiction, this is a good one to have! ResQwalk not only motivates me to get out more often to walk Rocco, it also allows us to raise money for our favorite rescue groups every time we go for a walk. 

And that is good for our hearts in more ways than one!

The app launched this past June for IOS and now it's also available for Android devices.

Here's how it works

Each week ResQwalk announces a donation pool. In order for a rescue to receive a portion of that week’s pool, their supporters simply need to start the ResQwalk app when they go for a walk or run. At the end of each week, donations are distributed to the rescues proportionally to the total distance walked by their supporters.

“Our vision is to give people a platform that enables them to easily integrate ‘giving’ into their daily routine. Often people don’t have the time to foster a cat, the space to adopt a dog, or the time to volunteer. ResQwalk gives everyone the opportunity to help animals in need on a daily basis without disrupting their regular schedules,” said Founder Bailey Schroeder.

Since launching on June 26th, iOS users have walked over 190,000 miles and $33,400 have been donated to animal rescues across the United States and Canada. There are over 1,000 benefiting organizations on the ResQwalk app.

Both the iOS and Android ResQwalk apps now include a leaderboard that enables users to track how many miles have been walked in support of their favorite rescue throughout the week. 

ResQwalk’s donation pools are funded by a combination of corporate sponsorship dollars and sales generated in the shop section of the app. BarkBuddy (a Bark & Co company) is the current corporate sponsor and deals from, in combination with ResQthreads products, are powering the shop section of the app.

ResQwalk is available on the App Store and from Google Play.

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This post is sponsored by ResQwalk. As alway, all opinions expressed herein are our own, and To Dog With Love only shares information we feel will be of value to our readers.


  1. Sounds interesting but alas we don't have a smart phone. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  2. We looked at this but could find no information at all about who they actually donated the money too and how much they have donated. They should provide a full list of them.

    1. I can see the list of rescues and the amount of money donated in the app. If you have a favorite rescue and they aren't listed, they can sign up easily on the website. I asked Havanese Rescue to get listed and they were up on the app and raising money in just a few days.

      On the app, if you click on walk and the plus sign at the bottom left you'll see the whole list of rescues. You can cal so look on the leader board to see what has been raised for each. Hope this helps!

    2. Reilly - We have donated $36,000 to date. We send money on a weekly basis to the groups via paypal. On the app each rescue has a user profile - and there it says how much $ has been donated.

  3. Oh, I need Ma to get this app on her phone! It would be great to track our walks and help donate funds to rescue at the same time! Big Hello to my buddy Rocco!

    1. We love it! It DOES motivate me to get out and walk too!