Friday, January 8, 2016

Why Enrichment Rules for Both You and Your Dog #PAW5Launch

Rocco combines balancing with hiking during our trip to Fort Lauderdale last week
We've been busy this week planning for next week's #PAW5Launch Twitter party, where we're helping support the launch of PAW5, a new company that's all about enriching the lives of dogs and the people who love them.

It's gotten us thinking about enrichment activities and why they're so important for both you and your dog. We all know the benefits of getting out and getting active with our pups. Not only is the physical activity good for both, but so is the mental stimulation and simply the act of clearing your head to help make room for new thoughts and ideas.

Both Pups and Humans Benefit from Enrichment

Rocco and I love a good hike, playing agility and doing tricks training. Enrichment activities can make both our lives more meaningful, not to mention helping keep Rocco from getting bored, antsy or even depressed. And it helps us humans too, in much the same way.

What's also interesting is that dogs need both social interaction AND time for solo play. And BOTH help enrich your dog's life and your relationship with them.

Leading a balanced life for health and well being

Here are some tips for both types of enrichment activities, inspired by the folks at PAW5.

Interactive enrichment

These are the activities that you and your dog do together the help build your bond and a healthy lifestyle. They also help to promote trust and good communication between you and your pup.

  • Physical Fitness -- activities like running, walking, swimming and hiking
  • Training -- basic training (like manners and obedience skills) and tricks training (our favorite!)
  • Sports -- agility tops our list, and there are lots of other favorites like nose works, disc dogs and flyball
  • Games -- we love problem solving games like find it or hide 'n seek

Solo play enrichment

Equally important is the time your dog spends alone entertaining themselves. Enrichment products can provide mental stimulation to aid in their overall well being. A few examples:
  • Chews -- I couldn't live without chews. Rocco loves them, they keep him occupied and they're good for his teeth and gums
  • Interactive feeders -- we just received the new Rock 'N Bowl puzzle feeder from PAW5 and Rocco LOVES it! Its design encourages thinking, problem solving and fun, and it's fun to watch, too. I'll share more about it next week and you can also learn more at the #PAW5Launch Twitter party. Hope you'll join us!
Rocco tries out the new Rock 'N Bowl, batting at it and tipping it until the food drops out!

Want to know more about the Rock 'N Bowl and enter for a chance to win one? Head over to our #PAW5Launch RSVP post now! 
What are your favorite enrichment activities to  do with your dogs?                                      Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. That bowl looks so fun! Barley gets very enthusiastic about food dispensers, so would probably just tip the whole thing over and then get frustrated shoving it around with her nose--she likes to roll her treat balls into a corner and then roll them up and down the wall until things fall out, so she'd definitely be looking for a cheat with this, too, but I might have to get her one anyway!

    1. Ha! That's funny! Rocco's the same way. He has a lot of fun with this bowl, but when it's empty he wacks it across the room... just to make sure!

  2. That bowl looks really cool - we're looking forward to #PAW5Launch and learning more about this great new company!

    1. So glad you're planning to come! Should be a good time and a great new product!

  3. We are supposed to get one to review later this month. I think Bailie will love it. I don't like puzzle stuff with my food. I just walk away, but Bailie loves these things.

    1. Wow! You walk away from food?!! Rocco is relentless with puzzle feeders. He thoroughly enjoys mauling them until he gets every last morsel! I hope Bailie loves it!

  4. We just received a new puzzle game for the boys although it is from a different company. It is so important to keep our best friends happy and active.

    1. It's good to have the variety, too. We change out toys to keep things interesting! Have fun with your puzzle game!

  5. Mr. N also gets food puzzles and chews and he will play with toys on his own periodically.

  6. Great post! That ball puzzle is really cool.