Thursday, November 18, 2010

Special Announcement: Iams will donate 50 bowls of food for every tweet with #CosmoIH4TH from now till Thanksgiving!

I'm lucky I have a wonderful home and lots of good
meals during the holidays. Please help me help
 the anipals who need it most-- your pal, Cosmo
It's Cosmo Havanese here, with a special announcement! Because it's exactly a week before Thanksgiving here in the U.S., I wanted to find a special way to help the anipals who need it most and might not have the chance to have a nice turkey and stuffing dinner.

So Iams is teaming up with me and LISTEN TO THIS!!! For every tweet that goes out with the hashtag #CosmoIH4TH from NOW until midnight on THANKSGIVING, Iams will donate 50 BOWLS OF FOOD to its Iams Home 4 the Holiday program. WOW! We can collect A LOT of food this week and it'll sure feel good to know the less fortunate anipals will be getting nice Thanksgiving meals. 

Just think how many anipals you can feed by adding #CosmoIH4TH to every tweet you send through next Thursday. I hope you'll all help and let's see how many bowls we can get donated!!!! Wheeeeee!
Iams Home 4 the Holidays currently has 3,800 animal shelters enrolled in 21 countries, and its goal is to donate 5 millions meals to shelter pets this season AND help adopt out 1.5 million pets. We explained the program earlier this season here

Already this season, 318,370 pets have been adopted and 493,245 meals have been donated. We've got a ways to go, so let's get tweeting!!! 


  1. I just tweeted it! Great post and really cute Cosmo photo! Such a nice doggie!

  2. Awesome! I will be tweeting this in 3, 2, 1...

  3. This is pawesome. Would you allow us to re-post this as a guest post on Pet Blogs United? We'd like to help spread the word.

    You can let us know at PBU at comcast dot net.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. We're from the blog hop!

    Wow! We don't use Twitter much, but since this is such a great cause, we'll tweet away! My name on Twitter is samnmargedog.

    P.S. - We see some agility photos - my dog, Marge, is an agility fanatic - do you compete? Ever blog about it? I love meeting fellow agility dogs online!

  5. Just tweeted! We hope LOTS of bowls go to our less fortunate friends!

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