Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Havanese Leaf-Romping Style!

Havanese love a good romp in the leaves... in fact their breed standard calls for it! Here, Cosmo and his Hav pal Dasher enjoy a some play time after an agility trial at Wills Park in Alpharetta, Ga., last weekend!

If you're wondering what these goofy little fluffs are all about, here's a little more about the Havanese from the AKC Havanese Breed Standard:
The Havanese is a small sturdy dog of immense charm. He is slightly longer than tall, and covered with a profuse mantle of untrimmed long, silky, wavy hair. His plumed tail is carried loosely curled over his rump. A native of Cuba, he has evolved over the centuries from the pampered lap-dog of the aristocracy into what he is today - the quintessential family pet of a people living on a small tropical island. His duties traditionally have been those of companion, watchdog, child’s playmate and herder of the family poultry flock. His presentation in the show ring should reflect his function – always in excellent condition but never so elaborately coifed as to preclude an impromptu romp in the leaves, as his character is essentially playful rather than decorative.
Anyone who's met Cosmo, can attest to his charm and playfulness -- a quality he shares with all his Hav pals!


  1. Love these photos... happy smiles for a romp in the leaves. :)

  2. They are just so cute! I've never spent any time around a Havanese, but I think I'd like to! :)

  3. We small dogs know how to have fun. Glad I'm not them getting my hair brushed though. OMD, here coms Mom with my grooming brush... time to hide!


  4. Now, that is what I'm talking about! Dogs who get down in the dirt and leaves and know how to have a good time...BOL


  5. The collection of leaves on their fur is a sign they were having a blast. I already love Cosmo's name...and now I find out his friend's name is Dasher! What a pair!

  6. Wow..Havanese dogs..they are so adorable..wondering Fidel Castro owns one..LOL

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