Monday, May 16, 2011

Win an EYENIMAL Pet Cam on FIDO Friendly!

Imagine what this would look like from a dog's-eye view?! 
We've always thought it would be pretty cool to strap a camera on Cosmo and see the world from his short and fluffy point of view. So we found the EYENIMAL pet cam review on FIDO Friendly Blog particularly interesting.  (Check out the video from the Dexter Cam, pretty darn good quality I'd say!)

And our ears perked up even more when we heard FIDO Friendly is hosting a chance to win an EYENIMAL from DOGTEK -- the contest runs through June 17, 2011 and all the details on how to enter are here.

Is a Cosmo Cam in the future? We sure hope so. From Cosmo's travels to his athletic pursuits, we'd love to see Cosmo's view of the world!


  1. Good luck, Cosmo - I hope you win it! Wonder if they make one for us cats? Mama would love to one for me, but I don't know about that. o.O

  2. Bad Andy - This is purrrfect for the kittehs too! There's a few vids here for you to watch where the cats have been!

    Thing is, your mama will know EFURRYWHERE you've been. I don't know about that either! BOL!
    Your pal,

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