Friday, August 19, 2011

Big Ten Pub Crawl to Benefit Homeless Pets Foundation

Cosmo hangs out with Dr. Michael Good,
an Atlanta area veterinarian and founder
of the Homeless Pets Foundation, at a recent
Big Ten fundraising event
I can think of two great reasons to partake in this weekend's Big Ten Pub Crawl in Atlanta.
  • First, if you live in the Southeast and you attended a Big Ten school, no doubt you're tired of all the barking (Georgia style), Florida Gator antics and anything else the SEC and ACC schools have to offer. Here's your chance to be surrounded by the glory that is the Big Ten (GO BLUE!).
  • Second, this year's Big Ten Crawl is benefitting the Homeless Pets Foundation, created in 1998 to aid abandoned and homeless animals AND to bring people and animals together to enrich each other's lives. 
The Big Ten Alumni Club of Atlanta raised more than $25,000 for charities in past events, and it's hoping to "crush that number" this year! All net proceeds from the pub crawl with benefit Homeless Pets Foundation. 

Here's how to learn more about the pub crawl and buy tickets. The event starts tomorrow, Aug. 20 at 3 p.m. in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. 

A little more about the Homeless Pets Foundation

The Homeless Pets Foundation has placed more than 10,000 pets in loving homes since its inception in 1998. It's currently comprised of three different entities:
To learn more, donate or volunteer, visit

Cosmo says, get off your sofa and get in the game to help homeless pets...

Cosmo's a champion for homeless pets and for the mighty Wolverines. Go Blue!


  1. Ann - 3 Havanese MomAugust 19, 2011 at 11:48 AM

    You live in GA now so don't be doggin' on the Dawgs! This is such a great cause Cosmo, have fun at the pubs and stay away from the beer!

  2. hahahaha! -- Figured we might stir up a few folks... woof, woof, woof!
    Your pals,
    Diane and Cosmo

  3. Kudos to all those clubs and rescues
    Benny & Lily

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  5. Great post Cosmo, looks like a fun event. Too bad we live so far away!