Saturday, August 13, 2011

My 7 Links: Our Addition to the Tripbase blog post project

Thanks to Champion of My Heart for tagging us in Tripbase's My 7 Links blog post project, created to unite bloggers of all types to dig up some of their favorite posts that deserve to see the light of day again.  The idea is, we post our links in the 7 categories below and then we nominate five bloggers to carry on the torch.

So here we go:

1. Most beautiful post: Travel to Italy with Your Dog: Arriving in Rome

This post makes me feel like we're in Rome all over again. You can see it, hear it and almost taste it!

Grab your cappuccino and brioche and read on!

2. Most controversial post: The Hundstol Dog High Chair from Ikea

Ok, so we're not very controversial. But this post stirred up a lot of fun speculation whether this was real or not! Some folks even believed Cosmo actual toured the Ikea factory in Sweden!! ROTFBOL! Afterall, he did travel to Italy, so why not?!
We did follow up with a confession!

3. Most helpful post: How To Prepare Your Dog for a Long Plane Flight

This one answers the age old question: To Pee or Not to Pee...

Cosmo checks out the dog park at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport
Speaking of pet travel, our Travel Bag Comfort post has some pretty useful tips too.

4. Post whose success surprised us:  Iams Will Donate 50 Bowls of Food for Every Tweet with #CosmoIH4TH and The Final Count is in for #CosmoIH4TH

The anipal community never ceases to suprise us with their support, passion and generosity. This time, they rallied together to help raise 297,600 meals donated to animal shelters in need as part of the Iams' Home for the Holiday's program.

Cosmo led the charge on this program!
5. Post that didn't get the attention it deserved: A Walk Through Parco della Villa Borghese

Just a simple post of a lovely walk through a lovely park in Italy. Don't miss it, it you plan to be in Rome with your dog!

6. Post we're most proud of: Noms for a Cause

One of our first blog posts, we took the Be The Change for Pets challenge and organized a neighborhood pet food drive. Together our neighbors donated 230 pounds of pet food to our local food pet food bank.

Passing on the torch

Here are the five bloggers who graciously accepted our challenge to keep this relay alive!

Carol Bryant at Fido Friendly Blog
Prudence and Ashley at Of Cows' Tails and Chew Toys
Mary and Roxy at The Traveling Dog
Ryan Rice at Houston Dog Blog
Monica Ricci at Your Life. Organized