Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dog Joy Treat Review from Freshpet

A few years back we discovered a new type of treat, kept in a small refrigerator in the pet aisle of our local Kroger store. Cosmo adored them and we used them for agility training, perfect because we could break off tiny pieces from each of the soft treats so Cosmo wouldn’t be too stuffed running around the course!

The treats were a bit hard to find – not every Kroger carried them – and after a while my local Kroger didn’t stock them anymore. So when we were recently contacted by Freshpet to sample some new refrigerated treats under the Dog Joy brand, I was hoping they were similar to what I remembered from a few years back.

Turns out they are the same, but with a few new products in the line as well. Freshpet originally sold their treats under the brand name of The Loved Dog (the brand I remembered). They were changed to the current brands, Dog Joy and Dognation.

Cosmo was sent three types of treats to sample from Dog Joy:

  • Sweet Potato Treats – made only of real sweet potatoes
  • Real Chicken Recipe – made with juicy slow grilled chicken
  • Real Beef Recipe – made with savory, slow grilled beef
All Doy Joy Treats are all natural with no artificial preservatives and contain no corn, wheat or soy. Important note: they must be refrigerated. It’s recommended to return each bag to the refrigerator within 20 minutes after treat time, and use contents of the open pouch within 14 days.

Results from Cosmo’s Test Kitchen

Below, Cosmo gives Dog Joy treats the sniff test -- the "eyes" and "nose" are the soft chicken and beef treats, the "mouth" is a sweet potato treat.

He wastes no time in devouring the soft chicken and beef treats.

The sweet potato treat is more like a soft chew and it takes Cosmo a little longer to warm up to it...

... but finally he does, and he consumes it with the same gusto as he does the softer treats.

Take a look at Cosmo in action...

Here he is woofing, "I want a Dog Joy Beef Treat and I want it NOW!

Cosmo is a bit more methodical about sampling the Dog Joy Sweet Potato Treats. He must take each one out of the bag, lick them all, roll on them, and then decide it's ok to chew on one for a while!

Don't worry, Cosmo did NOT consume the whole bag though he WILL be back for more! And we'll plan to add the soft beef and chicken treats back into our agility training treat rotation. 

To find Freshpet products near you, visit their store locator

More about Freshpet
Freshpet brands include Freshpet Select and Dog Joy, available at select grocery and mass-market retailers; Deli Fresh, Vital and Dog Nation, available at select pet specialty stores; and Veterinary Nutrition available at select veterinarians. For more information about Freshpet products, visit

Disclaimer: We were sent the treats complimentary from Freshpet for our review but our opinions are entirely our own. Cosmo always woofs what he is thinking!


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