Friday, November 18, 2011

Winner of Purina ProCare Prize Package and Pet Care Cleaning Tips!

We received some great cleaning tips from the entrants to our Purina ProCare giveaway, and today's the day to announce our winner!
No, Cosmo, you can't eat these, but they will keep your home fresh and clean!
But first, a few tips from our readers to help make your home -- and litterbox -- spic and span this weekend:
  • Cynthia Downer shares, "If you've got hard water that leaves that 'crusty' calcium build-up on dog bowls, bath tubs, etc., vinegar dissolves it right up. Just soak it overnight! If it's in a hard to reach area a good idea is to leave it covered with a vinegar-soaked rag."
  • Kelly Ann says to "use vinegar to clean up messes on tile and concrete."
  • Amy Orvin says, "my tip is using baking soda in the catbox. It helps to absorb odors."
Training pads can also be used for purposes beyond house-training puppies.
  • Pepper Pom writes, "I use pee pads at night, and in bad weather, and when traveling. I even used one on a train! BOL!! I also line my pet-a-roo with one." 
  • I also keep a training pad in my carry-on in case of emergency, like I did when we traveled to Italy with Cosmo!
Thanks for some great cleaning tips, and now one lucky reader will win a prize pack from Purina ProCare -- including new Purina ProCare Ultra Dry Advanced Training Pads and Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator.

Drum roll puleeeez >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The winner is Amy Orvin! Congrats to you and thanks to everyone for playing and sharing your cleaning tips!