Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What's Better... or Worse? Posting Pictures of Pets or Kids?!

Is there such a thing as posting TOO many photos of Fifi or Fido on you Facebook page? Ironically, I ran across this post -- Posting Pictures of Your Pet on Facebook is Slightly Annoying --  while searching for the perfect Wordless Wednesday photo of my Cosmo Havanese (and getting slightly sidetracked).

Mary Fischer writes:
Pets are cute and sweet and give us a warm fuzzy and all that good stuff. But as much as we love them, they really aren't "kids." We don't need their lives -- which consist of sleeping, eating, and sitting by the front door waiting to be taken out to do their business in the snow -- documented on a Facebook timeline. You adore your pet, we get it. But we don't need a visual every single time Rover rolls over to have his belly scratched.
The bond between humans and their animals is undeniable, but should pets really be treated as kids when it comes to social media sharing?
hmmph... what do you think? (need I ask?)

And in the meantime, look how cute Cosmo looks all nestled in a pile of laundry! sigh...

Now, let's go look at lots more photos of pets! On to the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!


  1. FaRAdaY: PFFFFFT! She *obviously* doesn't unnerstand - we ARE the kids!!

    Maxwell: *envious look* Cosmo, that looks sooooo warm & snuggly....dude, you SO lucky!

    1. hehe! You are SO right!... on ALL accounts!
      Your pal,

  2. hmmm, maybe Mary Fischer is just jealous she doesn't have a pet to show off?

    Seriously it sounds like she has a bad case of "I need to get over myself", all she has to do is scroll past the posts she doesn't want to read...I didn't realize folks posted there solely for her benefit!

  3. Well, that lady sure would hate my Facebook page. And to that I say.. TOO BAD!

  4. Oh my dog! My whole facebook is pictures of me and I bet I have more facebook friends than her who loves my photos so (sicks out tongue!)


  5. If you don't like animal pictures, I don't really care what your opinion is anyway!

  6. I did the math... pet photos > kid photos. :)