Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Superdog!! Jumping Agility Havanese

 Will Cosmo make it over the jump? He sure looks aerodynamic enough!

Photos by Phyllis Ensley
Wheeee! Made it! 


  1. Wow what great photos! Our Daisy is half Havanese, half Bichon, but she sure doesn't fly over fences like that! :)

  2. Really enjoyed the photos! Thanks for sharing and best of luck in the future!

  3. Wow - nice shots! And great jump, Cosmo!

  4. YIPEE! You are having fun and making it look EASY....Go Cosmo!

  5. Wonderful! My Havanese Henry isn't so agile. Unfortunately, Henry spent his first year confined in a very small cage, living in his own filth. When I adopted him in March, he couldn't even jump up on a chair for lack of muscle strength. He's getting better though! Beth

  6. Woohooooo! Cosmo you do more than jump, you fly like a rocket... fantastic.

  7. We know Cosmo could do it, baroooo buddy!

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