Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How One Pup Gets Ready for Swim Season & Giveaway! #PerfectWeight

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During the past few months we've shared news about Hill's 10 Week Turnaround Challenge, and today we've got some great news to share! A group of our blogging pals participated in the challenge and EVERY ONE of them LOST WEIGHT! 

Today we're going to share some of those success stories with you; I always love a good makeover, especially with swim season right around the corner! And, be sure to read all the way down for a super giveaway opportunity to help your own dog or cat loose weight. But first, a little recap of what we've learned about pet weight loss and maintaining the perfect weight.

We've learned that consistency, routine, a little hard work, and balanced nutrition are the main steps toward keeping your pet at the perfect weight.

If you don't think a few extra pounds can make a difference in your pet's life, take a look at this:

The sad truth is that more than 50 percent of pets are overweight and that can lead to a poor quality of life and shortened life expectancy. Yikes!

That's why we were thrilled to hear how so many of our blogging buddies were successful in losing weight with Hill's 10 Week Turnaround, starting their road to a happier, healthier lifestyle!

The story of Hazel

Happy Hazel!            (Photo courtesy of Posh on a Budget)
Hazel's mom Harriet from Posh on a Budget reports that Hazel was blessed with weight gain that comes from aging. I think lots of us can relate to that! 

So Hazel set out to turn her life around by taking the Hill's 10 Week Turnaround Challenge. The miniature schnauzer initially weighed in at 28 pounds, and with a lot of hard work, exercise and a heathy diet she lost a whopping 4 pounds!

Harriet says this about Hazel:
Hazel has been jumping up to greet us like she did when she was a pup. Hazel's energy could be attributed to losing (the weight). When you start out at 28 pounds, losing 4 is a big whoop-di-do. That could be equivalent to you or me losing 18 or so pounds.
See how Hazel got ready for swim season!

During Hazel's weight loss journey she ate Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight Small and Toy Breed Formula, with a breakthrough blend of natural ingredients formulated to help small and toy breed dogs achieve and maintain a healthy weight and improve quality of life.

Read more about Hazel's 10 week journey at Posh on a Budget, and find some inspiration to start your own pet's weight loss journey!

You can find Hill's Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight formulas at Pet360 and save some money when you purchase with autoship.

In addition to the 4 pounds that Hazel lost, read about some of the other success stories here! We're so proud of them all!

Miley the dog lost 5 pounds

Cooper the cat lost a pound
Gracie the cat lost 1.5 pounds
Rhett the cat lost a pound
Zero the dog lost six pounds
Shadow the cat lost 3.5 pounds
Keira the dog lost 9.3 pounds

Remember, just like people, every dog or cat is different and looses weight at their own pace. We think it's amazing that every one of these pets lost weight and are on their way to a healthier lifestyle!

Need a little extra encouragement to start working on a routine and being consistent with your own pet's healthy weight? Download this calendar, where you can keep track of your pet's progress toward achieving the perfect weight.

Then, enter the 10 Week Turnaround Sweepstakes! You might win a 10-week supply of Science Diet Perfect Weight for your own dog or cat! 

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